Review of Joyland by Stephen King

 This book was purchased by me. 


 Joyland takes place in the early 70's and is about a college student named Devin Jones who decides it would be fun to take a summer job at an amusement park called Joyland. Not long after starting he receives a Dear John letter from his girlfriend. Feeling heartbroken he becomes more immersed in the job to try and forget the girl. Devin and his friends Erin and Tom learn that Joyland is hiding a few secrets, including the fact that a girl was murdered in one of their attractions and her murderer was never found. It's also been said that people have seen her ghost. They decide to investigate this haunted place themselves, and although Devin doesn't see anything Tom does and doesn't want anything more to do with investigating the ghost. 
Devin also meets a little boy named Mike who is suffering from a terminal illness, as well as Mike's Mother. Both will play a major part during the next few months of his life. Especially Mike, who has a psychic ability that may help solve the mystery of the murdered girl.
There is a little paranormal activity in this book, but it's definitely not the usual Stephen King horror novel. ( Which I do love, by the way ) I absolutely loved this book as well. Stephen King's writing is always amazing to me. He never disappoints. Once again he is at the top of his game. 

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