Review of Department 19 by Will Hill

 Department 19 by Will Hill

 Department 19

 Have you ever imagined what life would be like if fictional monsters were real? For 16 year old Jamie Carpenter that becomes a reality. When Jamie's father is brutally killed outside their home by a group of men wearing black body armor, life as he knew it is turned upside down.                                                           Jamie's Mother is kidnapped by a vampire who he later learns was trying to kill him, except Jamie is rescued by an unlikely hero. Frankenstein himself!
Once Jamie begins to accept that everything he's seen is real he later learns that the British government has been keeping a big secret for decades. That secret being Department 19. A division of the government that deals with the paranormal. Vampires, werewolves, etc. They're all real. He also learns that his father worked for Department 19. Everything he knew about him was a lie.
Now with the help of Frankenstein and other members of Department 19 and a vampire girl named Larissa, who Jamie is falling in love with, but isn't sure he can trust, Jamie is determined to rescue his Mother from the vampires and bring her home.
They face many battles and obstacles along the way and discover there is a traitor in their midst. 
Can Jamie reach his Mother in time, or will he be too late. Find out in Department 19. ( Book 1 in The Department 19 series )

I absolutely loved this book. Action packed, fast paced and very well written.    

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