In My Mailbox

 I received three books for review today in the mail. My very first physical review books. Very exciting! Here are the three books I received.

 The Great Wild West: An American Journey

 Jedediah Magnus West is "The Great Wild West." 
Award-winning author Jeff Appelquist takes us on an amazing odyssey as Jed West's story unfolds against the dramatic sweep of modern American history. Jed serves America as a Marine officer and courageously confronts multiple life-changing events. He leaves the military and enters into a law practice that he comes to detest. But fortune shines when he marries a wife and fathers two daughters whom he adores. Jed becomes an entrepreneur who builds a business empire, only to watch his world come crashing down around him. With his pals Zach, Tommy, and Luke, Jed experiences the wild and wonderful world of nature in pursuit of epic hunting and fishing exploits around the world. 
Finally, over time, in ways that they could never have imagined, Jed and his beloved circle of family and friends are forced to come to grips with highly charged issues of race, religion, gender, and sexuality. Throughout all of his adventures and challenges, Jed strives to persevere, to maintain his outrageous sense of humor, to do the right thing, and to become a better man. The Great Wild West is a great wild ride and an unforgettable vision of the American dream.

 End of Men

 C. B. Murphy’s End of Men is a satiric tour de force about the ambiguity of identity where art intersects relationship. Inspired by The Magus, the book takes a successful Chicago couple through life-altering experiences ending on an Italian island run by a Warholian student of Aleister Crowley and his Iranian-feminist femme fatale. Adrift in midlife angst, financier Ben withholds the secrets of his wild past from his younger wife Kay. In horror at becoming a suburban “Beige,” Kay longs for her own walk on the wild side. As assistant curator of a feminist-themed outsider art exhibit, the End of Men, Kay contacts Ben’s estranged friends, the narcissistic Gordon and the exotic Shiraz, who run a film school on a Mediterranean island. Their secret is that it is a struggling place where underpaid Eurotrash produce factory art while working as grips and extras on Shiraz’s underfunded masterpieces of neo-feminist surrealism. When the self-styled enfants terribles premier their film at Kay’s museum, Ben’s past crashes through its barriers. Caught in the nether zone of grief and confusion, he accepts an invitation to “vacation” at the island described as an artists’ paradise. In Magus territory now, Ben and Kay become pawns in bizarre psychological games of erotic adventure with the promise of a renewed marriage through the reawakening of Ben’s wild heart. In this swirling circus of eccentricity, Ben’s ability to distinguish what is real quickly erodes as he and Kay become performers in Gordon and Shiraz’s final film, a reenactment of the immolation of Jacques de Molay, the last Knights Templar. As simmering violence threatens to become more than cinematic metaphor, Ben and Kay realize the manipulations have become dangerous.

 The Light

 “Have you seen the Light?” Abel Adams, a brilliant but troubled young misfit desperately seeks freedom, love, and spiritual enlightenment while battling drug addiction, dark forces, and strange temptations. He zigzags through a mysterious labyrinth of crime and the occult along his hazardous quest toward redemption and recovery. The Light is the mystical odyssey of a prodigal son whose spiritual journey tumbles like a rollercoaster through a wild mix of philosophical, psychological, and religious experiences amid the turbulent post-1960s counterculture.

 Thanks so much to the authors for sending me these books.



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