A list of ebooks I found free on Kindle today, April 11, 2013

Invincible (A Centennial City Novel ) by Fionn Jameson

Invincible (A Centennial City Novel)

Her name is Ran Hwang. Schooled from childhood to battle vampires that roam the earth, she knows intimately of the horror that lies behind the beautiful masks they present to the human world. It is her duty to exterminate every vampire she comes across and she does it willingly, without thought, without mercy. Vampires are the scourge of humankind and she will do anything to take them down.

Until one day she meets a beautiful man who turns her world upside down and shows her what she considers evil might not be so bad after all...

The Black Widow by C. J. Johnson

The Black Widow

When Cheryl found out about her husband's affair with his secretary, she was distraught. What if he left her? How could she ever show her face in public again?
The solution was simple.
She'd just have to kill him.

Detective Mike Jamison knows this was no accident, but he has no proof of foul play. The one and only black widow of his career has just got away with murder. 

But someone else knows what Cheryl did. And he's coming for her. 

When investigating the murder of a young woman, Mike crosses paths with Cheryl once again. But Mike is not alone this time. Now, someone else is determined to make Cheryl pay for what she did, and he isn't bound by the rules of the law.

He will do anything, anything, to see Cheryl get what she deserves.

Reckoning by R Thomas Brown


Erik Daniels made a mistake. He was trying to help, but the woman died anyway. He’s spent twenty years living a decaying life, drinking away his guilt and keeping that secret hidden. A secret that has bound his small group together, and torn their lives apart.

The secret is out. 

Reckoning is a crime novel that follows Erik and the people of a small town in the Texas hill country as he struggles to survive, find answers, keep himself out of prison and find a way out of the fetid life he’s made.

Blood of Others by Rick Mofina 

Blood of Others

Pulled over by a cop as she's driving home through the San Francisco night, Iris Wood falls prey to a sadistic killer. In the window of a downtown bridal boutique across town, the prize wedding gown is filled out not by a mannequin, but by Iris's blood-soaked corpse. In just its first 10 pages, Blood of Others grabs you by the jugular, and it rarely relinquishes its hold. The spotlight next falls upon Olivia Grant, another lonely soul seeking to escape her empty social life with the help of the Internet. The theme of spinsters imperilled by men of evil intent lurking on the Net is scarcely a novel one in crime fiction, but Ottawa writer Rick Mofina gives it fresh energy in his third novel. He made a splash with If Angels Fall, nominated for an Arthur Ellis Award for best first novel, then showed that was no fluke with Cold Fear.

Threads That bind ( The Havoc Chronicles ) by Brant Williams 

Threads That Bind (The Havoc Chronicles)

At 16, Madison has accepted herself for who she is: smart and witty, but overweight with thick glasses and the social life of a Tibetan monk. Everything changes the summer before her junior year of high school when her eyesight inexplicably corrects itself, and she begins to rapidly lose weight. However, her new look comes with an unexpectedly expensive price. Madison’s first kiss with the boy she has had a crush on for years triggers powers she can’t control, almost killing him.

She discovers she is a Berserker, a powerful being chosen to guard the world from the Havocs, ancient creatures brought into our world by magic thousands of years ago. They cause destruction and death, but cannot be killed. Only the Berserkers’ life-blood can bind – and free – the Havocs. One Havoc is free and wants Madison’s blood to free another. Instead of enjoying her new look and popularity at school, Madison must now work with the Berserkers to master her powers and bind the Havoc before it kills her. 

Oh, and if that weren’t bad enough, it turns out she is the first female Berserker since, well - ever.

Defying Mars (Saving Mars Series-2) by Cidney Swanson

Defying Mars (Saving Mars Series-2)

Jessamyn has escaped Earth with food for her starving world, but her troubles are just beginning. She must rebuild her life without Pavel, the Terran boy whose kiss haunts her. Her success is further tainted by the loss of her beloved brother. Ethan disabled the deadly lasers orbiting Mars, but this has created a fervor to re-open trade with Earth which Jess knows would be disastrous. Add into the mix a secret which could launch an interplanetary war, and Jess finds herself at the center of an intrigue where, in order to save the world she loves, she must defy it.

The Keeper's Curse ( The Keeper's Curse # 1 ) by Diana Harrison

The Keeper's Curse (The Keeper's Curse, #1)

After fifteen-year-old Emmy Rathers unintentionally summons a strange glowing cloud during a break-in, her mother rips her from her home, her father, and her world, forever.

When she lands in the rustic, militant land of Methelwood, she is told she's a crafter - a person who can perform magic by conjuring souls of the dead. But starting life over normally in the midst of grieving for the life she has left behind, while at the same time attempting to fit in in her new war-obsessed school, becomes impossible when she begins to hear a voice in her head. Is that normal for someone like her? Well, of course not. Complicating the matter further is the fact that the voice belongs to a boy at school named Breckin, who just also happens to be the most powerful crafter in the world, and the future ruler of Methelwood.

But that's not the worst part - suddenly Breckin's most hostile adversary is coming out of the shadows and trying to kill her. With no other choice, Emmy must travel deeper into this bizarre, dark world she is so unfamiliar with to find out why this is happening to her, and more importantly, how to stay alive.

Forget You ( Demon Underground Series ) by Parker Blue 

Forget You (Demon Underground Series)

Enjoy a free short story from the Demon Underground Series by Parker Blue!
At the end of MAKE ME (Book 4), Shade’s relationship with Val hangs in the balance as he tries to reconcile his own demons of the past with Val’s choices and her new role as Palladin of the Demon Underground. FORGET YOU is a peek into Shade’s past.
Sixteen-year-old Shawn, “Shadow Boy,” is the exact opposite of his sister, Sharra, whose nickname is “Sunshine Girl.” While she sees the joy and bright side of everything, he sees the dark-side all too often. Feels the isolation forced on them by their father more sharply. And chafes under the constant discipline needed to hold their powers in check.
When an argument with his father sparks Shawn’s shadow demon half, his world implodes.

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